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We're here to help you become a Taziki's franchisee. See if it is the right fit, learn about our available locations, and follow our streamlined process that will get you to your grand opening!


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If you live for extraordinary food, creating relationships and serving your community, bring your passion to the Taziki's family as a Franchise Partner. Being your own boss and becoming a franchise owner with Taziki's provides you with the opportunity to buy a life-changing, complete turnkey business. Please note that we cannot be blamed if you gorge yourself on baklava.

Taziki's Cafe Technology


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Taziki's Cafe Franchising Opportunities

Robust CATERING Program

Taziki's Cafe Community


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Over the past 20 years, we've developed a streamlined process for our Franchise partners from the first step all the way through grand opening!

The personality of the concept is a breath of fresh air, from the quality of the fresh, healthy food, to the tools created to run a highly successful operation. The culture of an enthusiastic, family friendly team that Keith and Amy created when they opened their first store together have always been a top priority. Our family has been blessed to be a part of Taziki’s and the many personal relationships and great friends we have made that will remain for years to come.
— Brad Emendorfer, Chattanooga, TN


When you decide to bring Taziki’s to your city, we’ll be there to help you bring it to life. We provide turnkey guidance on construction, design and equipment. We value community, and will work with you to adhere to the local charm and architecture of your chosen Taziki’s location.

Beautiful interiors with high-quality features and modern concepts create the atmosphere our guests love to dine in, so we’ll help you hone your design. Clean and refreshing Mediterranean décor includes ceiling clouds, hardwood furnishings, natural stone and wood finishes, custom hand-built community tables which are perfect for large parties, and residential lighting, which sets the tone for the perfect dining escape.

Turnkey Design Taziki's Cafe Franchising
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Taziki’s has had 20 years of growth, and in that time we have learned what works for our locations.

We have the tools and team in place to offer you support as you begin your journey to bring our signature Mediterranean flavor to your community.

Support Provided To Our Franchise Partners include:

  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Architectural Design
  • New Store Opening Planning
  • Management Training Program
  • POS Systems and Technology
  • Detailed Operations Tools
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Marketing Support
  • Accessible Corporate Team
  • Franchise Training Meetings
  • Regular Technology Advancement


Expert Support | Franchise With Taziki's



At Taziki’s, we embrace the “Mediterranean Diet”

The Mediterranean diet has become more and more popular as people look for a lifestyle approach to eating healthy, as opposed to crash diets. New research is regularly published touting the many benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which consists of:

  • Eating primarily plant-based foods

  • Replacing butter with healthy fats such as olive oil 

  • Using herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor foods

  • Limiting red meat to no more than a few times a month

  • Eating fish and poultry at least twice a week

  • Enjoying meals with family and friends

  • Drinking red wine in moderation (optional)

  • Getting plenty of exercise 

The Taziki's Cafe menu appeals to anyone who's conscious of their diet by emphasizing health-focused items low in fat and carbs and high in protein. 

The Taziki’s brand speaks for itself. Never have I had customers more appreciative of my food or what we do. Taziki’s is one of those rare triple threats. Fantastically fresh food, true customer value, and a systems driven framework that allows you to produce great net profits.
— Joe Norton, Charleston and Columbia, SC
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OUR Culture

Franchise Taziki’s Cafe Culture Compass

At Taziki's we have built our business around culture. We've learned over our 20 years that in order to deliver the best service possible, we have to develop a culture where our employees feel engaged and feel a deeper sense of purpose. By making incredible food, serving our community and creating meaningful relationships, we strive to provide an incredible environment and culture for both our employees and our guests. 





As you can see, the last decade has seen massive growth for Taziki's, but we see this as just a start. We're on a mission to bring Mediterranean dining to every neighborhood across the country. 

Our growth has allowed us to share our mission of creating meaningful connections within communities and develop a brand that has become known for its exceptional hospitality in an approachable, fast-casual environment. 

Growth Taziki’s Mediterranean Franchising Opportunities

82 Sites, 14 States in 2017

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