Why Franchise with Taziki’s Cafe

Why Taziki's?

At Taziki's, there are certain guiding principles that have helped us grow our business and build a strong network of Franchisees across the country. This starts with our craft, which we spend every day honing to provide the very best culinary and customer experience. Our commitment to culture provides an incredible work environment for our team, critical to providing excellent service. 

Community is what helps us get out of bed each and every morning. Contributing to each of our store's local communities, helping to bring friends, families and neighbors together around a convenient meal is so rewarding. Finally, cause gives us the juice to keep growing. We work hard to embody all of these principles, but without cause its meaningless. Through supporting initiatives like Project Hope, we can take the work we do every day and convert it into meaningful change. 

There's many more reasons why Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe is an excellent opportunity for Franchise Development. So many, in fact, that we can't list them all. But we've included a few below.   

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Franchise With Taziki’s Growth


We've seen a lot of trends come and go over the past 20 years. And while many competitors have struggled to adapt to changing economics and ever-evolving customer expectations, Taziki's Cafe finds that when we embrace these changes our bottom line is rewarded for it.

Our growth has allowed us to share our mission of creating meaningful connections within communities and developing a brand that has become known for our exceptional hospitality in an approachable, fast-casual environment. 


20 years and growing!

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Innovation & Technology

Taziki's commitment to be systems-driven is supported by an integrated ecosystem of technology provided by Fresh Technology. Our systems automate sales projections, ideal scheduling and order guides. Employee onboarding, scheduling and payroll are streamlined. They align our raw material and recipe systems. Our POS, mobile and online ordering platforms are fully integrated. New mobile applications and Internet of Things innovations continue to streamline how we use data to inform successful operations. 

Our mobile and online ordering platform integrates our rewards program and supports multiple order types: 

  • Takeout

  • Catering

  • Delivery

  • Curbside

Taziki's Cafe Franchising | Expert Support

Expert Support

Taziki’s has had more than 17 years of solid growth, and in that time we have learned what works for our locations.

We have the tools and team in place to offer you support as you begin your journey to bring Mediterranean flavor to your community.

Support Provided To Our Franchise Partners Includes:

  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Architectural Design
  • New Store Opening Planning
  • Management Training Program
  • POS Systems and Technology
  • Detailed Operations Tools
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Marketing Support
  • Accessible Corporate Team
  • Franchise Training Meetings
  • Regular Technology Advancements
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Food Taziki’s Cafe Franchising

HEALTHY, FRESH & craveworthy

It seems like every day there is a new fad diet, meal program, or revolutionary way to eat better and live a healthier life. We are big believers of healthy eating, but our approach to a healthy diet is one that has existed for centuries.

Over the last several decades, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet have become more and more celebrated. In the Mediterranean, fresh ingredients, lean meats and lots of vegetables and whole grains are key components to any meal. As simple as this approach might sound, there has been increasing interest and consumer awareness in this area, and more and more people seek out the healthier diet that this region of the world has lived on for centuries. 

Our dedication to the best fresh ingredients and classic, comforting recipes has positioned us to be an industry leader in this rapidly-growing category. 

But, perhaps more importantly, our delicious menu also clearly emphasizes health-focused items low in fat and carbs and high in protein.

Read more about the benefits of a Mediterranean Diet:

Taziki’s Cafe Franchising | Robust Catering Program

Robust CATERING Program

With a central catering call center and easy, integrated online ordering, Taziki's Catering can add significant sales to your bottom line. 

We've found that by introducing a standardized catering program with an easy-to-use online ordering platform for customers, catering offerings can act as a sales growth accelerator. Our catering program is designed specifically with efficiency in mind, offering a great way to increase revenue without draining excessive resources. 

Catering Tazikis Franchising
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Community Taziki’s Cafe Franchising


To dine with the Greeks is to gather around the communal table – a table where everyone is welcome and no one is left out. Taziki’s founder, Keith Richards, has always challenged us to make a difference in our communities. We strive to live according to our core value of connection by being caring and engaging both in our restaurants and out in the community.

  • We support local public schools and special-needs kids through HOPE, our signature community outreach program. HOPE has a unique mission of providing special needs students employment opportunities in Taziki's restaurants. These amazing students are helping us grow our own herbs to be used in-store. 
  • We also support local charities and non-profits with donations of food and funds that help to impact their worthy causes.

Learn more about HOPE >

Turnkey Design Taziki’s Cafe Franchising

Turnkey Design

When you decide to bring Taziki’s to your city, we’ll be there to help you bring it to life. We provide turnkey guidance on construction, design and equipment. We value community and will work with you to adhere to the local charm and architecture of your chosen Taziki’s location.

Beautiful interiors with high-quality features and modern concepts create the atmosphere our guests love to dine in, so we’ll help you hone your design. Clean and refreshing Mediterranean décor includes ceiling clouds, hardwood furnishings, natural stone and wood finishes, custom hand-built community tables which are perfect for large parties, and residential lighting, which sets the tone for the perfect dining escape.

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